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About Us

Houston Taxi Association

The Houston Taxi Association, Inc - an IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization is the standard-bearer of the reinvented and innovative taxicab industry in Houston, Texas. Over the years, we've been a strong group of over 25,000 friendly and courteous professional drivers with industry experience of at least ten years. We value above all else, the safety of our customers, and the security of their data and personal information. We are fully vetted and regulated by the City of Houston and ensure that we meet or exceed industry standards and best practices. The association facilitates the processes that generate the collective revenues of members averaging about $100 million yearly.


Our Vision

We are the world's most customer-centric taxicab group that is obsessed with making our customers happy. Our focus is on the customer, not the competition. We strive to provide unparalleled and excellent service to our customers no matter the race, religion, status, sex, national origin, or other considerations. And through our great spirit, we want our customers to experience and love the beautiful city of Houston! Our vision is to be the unrivaled taxi group in the world.

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