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We periodically conduct internal and external audit of our operations, and most especially the security of our information systems. This is to provide the assurance that vehicles, IT infrastructure, third-party partnerships, etc., have appropriate controls, current configurations, and meet required business and regulatory standards.

Any material findings or vulnerabilities are appropriately addressed to ensure that we are in compliance with the City of Houston Administration and Regulatory Affairs (ARA) Department and other industry regulatory agencies. 

Some of the controls include:

    • The City of Houston Administration and Regulatory Affairs (ARA) Department that ensures that regular inspections are done and that drivers meet City permit requirements.

    • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ensures that drivers are in compliance with industry standard of processing customers’ credit card transactions.

    • Communications and transactions are encrypted in VPN protocols, and we adopt the Zero -Truapproach to ensure that customer data are confidential and secure with the goals of aligning with the NIST CSF.
    • The standard practice of security awareness training that all stakeholders are required to fulfill so as to establish a security conscious culture.

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