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The Team

Henok Zewdie – PRO/Liaison

2). Monte Zedwe.jpeg

Henok Zewdie, an Ethiopian descent, is a chief architect of the Houston Taxi Association. His in-depth knowledge of the industry has been greatly drawn upon in the reinvention process the taxicab industry has had to go through.

His precision and insight have been invaluable to pivotal decision-making moments that redefined our competitive advantage today.

Henok obtained an advanced degree from the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and is an ordained minister who serves his community exceptionally. Henok, his beautiful wife and children are role models that continue to positively impact communities in the U.S. and their home country of Ethiopia. A man of faith and high integrity, Henok has a magnetic influence on all who is privileged to experience his interactions. 

Edward Gee - Treasurer


Edward Belleh Gee emigrated from Liberia with his family to the United States in 2005 where they became U.S. citizens. Edward joined the taxicab industry in 2016 when the industry was rapidly changing from the old taxicab industry to the new innovative model.

As the Treasurer of the Houston Taxi Association, he has contributed immensely by utilizing his vast experience in financial management to ensure that the financial needs of the organization and members are met, and the association is in compliance with business and regulatory requirements.

Edward is a graduate of the Zwedru Multilateral Vocational and Technical Institute in Financial Management. He is also a graduate of the Liberian National Police Training Academy with a certificate in police science where he was a lieutenant and served as Chief of Patrol with the Grand Gedeh Police Detachment. He is also the Ambassador of the Liberian Community Association of Houston. He is very passionate with justice, equality, transparency, hard work, and respect for all.

Bissong Bissong – Vice President

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With over 30 years experience in the taxicab industry, Bissong has been on the frontline and using his skills to reshape the industry. He is a tireless activist who doesn’t shy away from any strategy that would produce solutions for the rapidly-changing taxicab industry.

He is an influential leader in the Cameroun Community in the diaspora, and an active member of the Key Club of Houston. He and his wife love to travel, host guests, and organize events. He is a great advocate of climate change and works closely with the City of Houston policy makers to make an impact.

Martin Desantiago – CFO

4). Martin image.jpeg

Martin Desantiago is the CFO of the Houston Taxi Association. A strong pillar in the Houston Hispanic Community, Martin is a voice of reason and has an ingenious way of combining the CFO duties with marketing which comes naturally to him.

Martin obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México where he specialized in mechanical engineering. His migration to the U.S. decades ago with his wife and two children changed his career path to the transportation industry. An avid sportsman, Martin continues to make his yearly “pilgrimage” to Mexico to visit his 90-year-old mother and his extended family members. 

Raymond Ito - Information Security Consultant

1). Raymond Ito.jpg

Raymond Ito has served the Houston Taxi Association as the Information Security Consultant for many years. He became involved with the taxi industry when the ride-sharing model (Uber/Lyft) totally disrupted it. Since there were thousands of daily credit card processing, the need to secure customers' data became paramount. It was a pivotal moment for the industry to be obliterated or reinvent itself and be aligned with the new market and technological realities. A visionary with a very dedicated team, and working closely with the leadership of the City of Houston, the Administration & Regulatory Affairs Department (ARA), and the  management of the Houston Airport System (HAS), Raymond and his team successfully introduced innovative strategies that powered the competitiveness of the taxi industry in Houston. And due to new technologies and competitive pricing introduced by the ride-sharing model, Raymond had to wear many  “hats" in reinventing the industry. 

Raymond holds a Bachelors in Communications Studies, and MBA in Financial Management and Information Systems from the University of Maryland Global Campus. He's Security+ and CISM-certified, and belongs to several cybersecurity associations.

Sam S. Nyuma - Secretary

Sammy pic.heic

Sam S. Nyuma, a man with legendary organizational skills is the Secretary of the Houston Taxi Association. His wealth of experience and background in successfully steering other institutions made him the unparalleled choice for this position.

Sam obtained two Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Maritime Transportation and Security Management from both the University of Liberian and the Texas Southern University respectively. He also obtained a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the Cuttington University Program.

Sam is humble beyond description and a strong believer in the Holy Scriptures. Him and his beautiful wife and two children actively serve their community and always seek ways to positively impact others.

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